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These documents are made available without warranty of any kind. They may be updated, altered, expanded, or removed at any time. Please review your property deed to see which of the following Declarations / Covenants pertain to you. Then you can select the documents to view and or print.

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Exterior Construction

As mentioned in the "About Us" welcome section, our mission is to protect and enhance all homeowners investments made when you purchased a home in our association. When you are planning to add a fence, patio or to change any exterior items to your home, your deed requires you to obtain “approval” from either the developer or the Homeowners Assoc.  This approval is to make sure that the “exterior” finishes are consistent with what is already on your home and neighborhood.

 Approvals must be done for fencing, decks and room additions.

 If an application is not submitted and exterior work is completed a owner is subject to fines.


1.  All requests must be in writing and be submitted with the details as to what is going to be done. (ensure exterior finishes are detailed)

2.  This submission is to be mailed to:

    Cherry Blossom Village Homeowners Association 

          P.O. Box 1402

          Georgetown, KY.  40324.


Emailed to:


3. The board and or committee will then review your plans on an individual basis and or make their comments/recommendations and forward them to the developer or their agent for final approval.

 Deed restrictions and exterior finishes must conform.


4. Your request will be processed as quickly as possible by either party. Currently the Board of Directors meets quarterly, but will review requests online and make determinations before the next scheduled meeting in order not to delay homeowners’ intended plans, if approved.

If approval is not obtained the owner will be fined.

    ● Fence Application Form

    ● Exterior Change Application Form 

    ● Swimming Pool Requirements

    Pool Aplications and Requirements

    Sample Property Easement Drawing

  PLEASE NOTE: Approval to proceed with your construction does not waive the permitting requirements for Scott County and or the City of Georgetown. Please have your builder and/or contractor contact the Permitting Office to obtain the necessary permits.

  PLEASE NOTE: Interior changes do not require approval from this association. 

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