Welcome to Cherry Blossom Village Homeowners Association, Inc.  Each homeowner is involved in our Association in some manner.  Involvement for you may be only that you pay your assessments on time and comply with the governing legal documents of the Association, or you may wish to take a more active role and serve on the Board of Directors or a committee. Below are items we feel you should know about the Cherry Blossom Village Homeowners Association.

What is a Homeowners Association?  It is a non-profit corporation, chartered under the laws of the State of Kentucky.  Membership is mandatory; each owner automatically becomes a member of the Association upon acquiring a home or a plat of land in the subdivision. The Association is governed by three (3) documents:  the Articles of Incorporation of the Association, the By-Laws of the Association and the Deed of Restrictions that pertain to your home address. Every homeowner should read the documents.  If you did not receive a copy of these documents from your realtor or title company at closing, please contact the homeowners association to request a copy.  (There will be a small charge for this copy and must be paid in advance.) If you prefer, you may download them from this Website; however, they may not have your specific covenants and/or plat.

The Major Responsibility of the Association - Protection of Homeowners investments, enhance the values of our properties by providing physical maintenance and operations of shared properties (landscape of common areas, etc.), common services (insurance, etc.), enforcement of deed of restrictions, collection of assessments, social and recreational programs, and lowering costs of operations budgets, etc.

Mission Statement - The purpose and intent of the Cherry Blossom Village Homeowners Association Board of Directors is to build community among the homeowners within the Cherry Blossom Village development, encourage equity growth within the development properties, support improvements to those properties through interpretation and enforcement of the restrictions of record,  and approve of modifications and improvements within those restrictions.

Assessment - It is payable annually and is due by the first of May of each year (currently $250).  Payment must be received no later than May 1st of that year. Any assessment not paid within thirty days after the due date shall bear interest from the due date at the rate of $15 per month.  The Association may bring an action at law against the owner(s) personally obligated to pay the same, and/or place a lien against the property for unpaid assessments. 

What the Homeowners Assessment Covers Landscaping in the common areas, insurance, management company fees, legal services, newsletters, committee funds, postage, website support, board meeting copies, and the annual membership meeting.

Covenants Committee - Provides and maintains uniformity and harmony in construction of improvements to the homes in the subdivision. In time, you may want to make certain improvements to your home and property.  In order to protect the investment of all the homeowners and to keep the subdivision a pleasant neighborhood in which to live, any changes, including landscaping and the addition of a fence, made to the exterior of your property, must be approved by the Board of Directors or a Covenants Committee. (Please see Exterior Construction for this process.)

Deed Restrictions - The owners or their occupants must maintain all lots in a sanitary, healthful, and attractive manner.  Weeds and grass must be cut and lawns edged, as needed. Lots will not be used to store materials and/or equipment, other than normal conditions governed by the Deed of Restrictions. No boats, trailers, motor homes, or commercial vehicles may be stored in public view.  Antennas and pets - see Deed of Restrictions for conditions, which may prevail.  All deeds do not permit any outbuildings on them for storage.  If you have other questions and/or concerns, please feel free to contact the Association.

Board of Directors / Officers

Miriam Amick Sekhon        Developer / Director
Jas Sekhon                         Developer / Director
Glenn A. Hoskins                Developer / Director / Legal
Patricia Fannin                   President
Christie Robinson              Vice President
Jeanne Keller                     Secretary
Stephen Wallace               Treasurer
Bob Moeller                        Member at Large
Kathy Lyle                          Member at Large
Donnie Davis                     Member at Large
Julie McKee                       Advisor
Bill Keller                            Advisor