HOA Committees
Committee Coordinator  Patricia Fannin      

Nominating Committee
Chair: Patricia Fannin
Member: Jeanne Keller

Finance Committee
Chair: Stephen Wallace                                                                                  

Deed and Restriction Committee
Chair: Patricia Fannin

Chair: Ronnie Fulton

Communication Committee
Chair: Delight Ducker

Welcome/Social Committee
Chair: Patricia Fannin

Safety and Security Committee
Chair: Bob Moeller

Website Committee
Chair: Patricia Fannin
Members: Julie McKee                                  

The Cherry Blossom Village Homeowners Association community is always in need of volunteers to assist in committee related activities and responsibilities. If you would like to volunteer your services to the community, email us at

A committee chair and or board member will contact you about volunteering.




Cherry Blossom Village Homeowners Association

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Georgetown, Ky. 40324